What is the word on the street? 

Do you know what your consumers are saying about you and how they really feel about your brand? With the latest consumer research methods and psychological theories, we'll deepen your understanding of your consumer and fortify your relationship. We don’t just scratch the surface, we dig deep so you know exactly where you stand.  

Focus Groups
Through unique activities and traditional focus group methods we design and facilitate, consumers openly share their views and speak their mind in a group setting. We will collaborate with you to design a focus group guide that will get to the core of what consumers are thinking.

Consumer insights are illuminated through questionnaires we custom-design to elicit thorough feedback. We will analyze data and provide you a compelling story you can share with your team and make decisions based on solid metrics.

Social Media Listening
If consumers have something to say, they'll take to social. We’ll listen and observe how your consumers react to you across all social platforms and provide insights including demographics, related concepts affinities and emotions associated with user posts; and we'll tell you who your biggest influencers are. 

One-on-One Interviews
We create unique discussion guides and conduct in-depth interviews to gain individual insights one respondent at a time. You'll understand buying decisions and behaviors from your consumer's point of view.

By discreetly observing consumers in their natural habitat, we discover their buying patterns and uncover affinities and trends. We'll provide you the insights to create innovation and drive strategy.